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Monthly Archives: December 2010

thai white white out


there’s always something to gnaw on

you’re up for the fight, gaming for a bite

sad really – an impossible battle that cannot be opened just


and i’m in the

mood for jagged glass

No cough can redeem you

no milky eyed glaze

there’s just discontent that

surrounds you

Eats you up all day

I’m a lonely sailor, a bean, a buffoon

but at least the shore is visible on a summer’s noon



heads all a bit all over the place

saving grace saving face

lured into the bushes

a semi confident kick, a minute

a bus, a young lad’s lust

nesting, safe in teh muck around me,

Freud, Lenin, Foucault’s swing

are tired of me

So sure distance, a few jokes,

a light breeze the evening

collapses around her and all

the insects turn a golden blur

My reflection on the back

of a blackened spoon

No heart, no rhyme, no gouche


just a joint, 1 less thought and an untidy house

awaits her


you look happy to meet me

a desirable case

Desist – silent my love hanging

hangers, hangers on

Resinging songs about singing

songs listening to songs oh

song / I’m always wrong

As the influence is stacked

the case the case

a sorry space/ a distant place

We just ran

Then to sit and listen

again…..they insist

i resist


Pinetown Courts – Room LG2 – no appointment 8:30am – 2pm

Id – report – protection letter

Inspector nyawosa

Inspector Ntuli

can’t write the letter to the point of me

too dangerous too volatile


I glimpsed into their liver

today i have seen

two dead lizards and

cigarette effigies

sense of smell important….


badly…i’m sicking up my sick


Sat the duck he just sat there

i hate that duck

I’m ducking

like that Egyptian

‘Memory has to be strong enough to enable us to act without forgetting what we wanted to do, to learn without ceasing to be the same person, but it also has to be weak enough to allow us to keep moving into the future.’ Italo Calvino