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Monthly Archives: February 2012


singles eat for twice the price

My shoes feel too tight

I’m high as I might

Just have ever have been, I fly out the door

Dissolve through the wall

I’m standing over your bed

slicing thoughts in my head

How fast  thin smiles change round here

We were throwing wits about just yesterday

Wine and beer and coke and cane

2 B’s, an E, diamorphine cocaine

Im to blame as the bups just don’t work

Nor rescue remedy I tried calling emergencey

But they just wouldn’t listen to me

So I’m blowing smoke on tree skulls

Fucking spider’s entrails

Licking blood, cleaning sheets,

Burning off the laptop keys

the moon  is at half

earth  in its pass

all for this fools behalf

Ill wax and I’ll wane

From hell I’ll abstain

swallow four myprodol

chased with valium as well

but there’s lack of respite

and the days stay as night


shedding bad habits

bedding entraptments

wedding  in blackness

fake sanity enactment

and I sit and I choke out the past and the wrath

and discharge the vipers lead the flame to the moth

cast one final smile then I’ll drown in the bath

sexxxed up lights flicker down the town is magic tonight

despite the dirtiest brown

im seeing straight with blurred vision intact

im feeling great  fifth demurred  incisioned whack

my well being  rates lift conferred ambition sacked

foreseeing  dilated clifts preferred  collision CRACK


reinvent four/4 timing sucked on fack


Caged and unruly the mighty mamba smirks, I keep the famous under my skinned friend’S SKIRT and stilled I retreated between alligator and sloth trajectory skewed another vomit of fake water over the scene..suspicion  she screamed through this brain….fuck this shit I quit

I dive into the small of my back why don’t you ever stand up straight

Bite this motherfucker I swear in an infants breath I will not hesitate to make you swallow this deathly kiss

But oh shame little temper trantem, you must abstain little temper tantrum

The dirty kids on the street play with cell phones and the rest of us just get along sedated in glory for story

I put money In my pockets

I find plastic in my vomit

And I feel the trees are angry with me

And moving further away from me reminding me of something cruel

the view frees heavan from a shadow

but its all cool

hey boy take a walk on the wild side

the track retracts with gratitude

Like the audio bullies I really want to change the things that I do

He has the eyes of an unsuccessful rapist my first love – I do too


Darwin's disciple


But you must have known I loved you

I arrived home in a sunny swamp left my lapt top in the car

I smoked a joint and eased into the cluckl , 7 beers in and and good old boys drank whiskey and rye and sang this will be the day that I die

whilst the mind went blank the spine painless

I mused at hues of  leaves their jolly moody greed

I mused on about anger in poetry, music and the sweetness of the gene will determine their means

And then I walked to the end of the yard to look for you

Its been a day.. I miss your morning eyes and our evening lies

and then I spoke to that pregnant girl whose country ankles match her dead eyes

and she said ‘ they put her down’

oh Lady friend

I never got to say goodbye

But you must have known I loved you


I never got to say goodbye

But you must have known I loved you

Now not I remember where I was before

But I remember quite clearly opening their doors

And if earliest memory serves me well I know you laughed as I rolled you over

Flowers carried in right hand, smiles and sadness memory my madness

Whilst your brain was being unspun my stupid ways had all begun

oh yeah Here come the painbirds

Give me forever sleep saint mary

and now how strange all I see is your smile in their bed, in yours, in water, in kindess

How well you were adored

And though michelle had left us a prior day

I recall with a stab entering that hospice room where the nurses were making the sheets

The fan was turning my heart was burning and I still don’t have a clue

I never got to say goodbye

But you must have known I loved you


I never got to say goodbye

But you must have known I’d love you

You caught me taught me made me cry and you must have known I’d love you

Our merry ways our love in an elevator living it up whilst I was going down

Yet you have always been a stable friend and I know now we will stay friends until my end


I’ll never get to say goodbye

But you’ve  always known I’d love you





I took a walk in needle park and got bought.
I took a swim with that shark and got caught.
I took my place next to my grave and then I fought.
I fought for the times with listless restrain as you might know
I get a kick from the pain. I get a restless leg and a scarred hand
And then I know I will never fight again.
I told my friends I had to leave.
I asked them please not to grieve
For I was to walk in needle park
And learn how to film in the dark

– nina remember-ed

camden and chris 008

an ayre through the mire

Twist and figure it out all over again and if it was not only for that dumb saturday decision….

. How many forged scripts can I count on one hand not enough I guess I’m losing my favourite crying game but sunday night was an armed breeze filled with hills the astute sky the dip and dives the ants under the keyboards, laughter surrender says a mighty truth for the warrior who wishes some finality over the sheets in the early evening..drunken tears spilt on stupid words we all prayed for a sunny day and we found it in glasses like summer us cope with our lives

Pity the fast word they warned not even the anorexic dog is denied the tension of these human wounds, I spill rebuttals I then have to clean up the bruises are vacant we never shift or forget we just indulge digest and regret…how fair the shift and how fair the fair?

I keep a mind journey that falls from control and those insults mean well little well when I’ve given the here a better thought I thought too much and then betrayed the cds trying to be dvds we spun them on something that was meant here to stay and like those 8 tracks they still all go away

This fight on fight off fight the fight you figure it out you have to finally see that I’ve finished I made up my mind like this whiskey glass the windows know much more than me..i wrote my last note ive cashed in my last phone I spent 12 years smoking and digging that bone away a special piece of how does the Cure sound?…oh yeah I made myself so sick.. I wish Id stayed asleep today

Wrapped wondering aloof in this special space – a blue casio tone to approve

And sheer pleasure dances in circles as if by telepathy whilst rampant grumbles echo a sullen bed because a head is trashed with lack of empathy

Beauty drips out the electrical morning for those lost loves

She kept asking for an opinion one she knew could never be found slipped down below the panty line I told them fuck off Id like to approve this surrender whilst you bopped your heads bowed in the most incorrect time….how?…fuck two fuck three fuck four and remember to always lock the door

Whatever Its all over and just remonstrated on now as we as he makes a final bow