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reinvent four/4 timing sucked on fack


Caged and unruly the mighty mamba smirks, I keep the famous under my skinned friend’S SKIRT and stilled I retreated between alligator and sloth trajectory skewed another vomit of fake water over the scene..suspicion  she screamed through this brain….fuck this shit I quit

I dive into the small of my back why don’t you ever stand up straight

Bite this motherfucker I swear in an infants breath I will not hesitate to make you swallow this deathly kiss

But oh shame little temper trantem, you must abstain little temper tantrum

The dirty kids on the street play with cell phones and the rest of us just get along sedated in glory for story

I put money In my pockets

I find plastic in my vomit

And I feel the trees are angry with me

And moving further away from me reminding me of something cruel

the view frees heavan from a shadow

but its all cool

hey boy take a walk on the wild side

the track retracts with gratitude

Like the audio bullies I really want to change the things that I do

He has the eyes of an unsuccessful rapist my first love – I do too



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