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Scot opening closed windows cause yr room fucking stinks of cigarettes, are jelly beans innocuous toxins or is it the other way around? I asked his girl one time by some skate park whiteness, outside here there’s always a bakkie, this one filled with kids from his passion project at jeppe’s. Its a habit and a past time, me not feeling cold is mine. I grew up as most girls do where risk is not offered, thats why these girls grow up listening and acting like yella wolf man, how pleased to spread before those weeds, unsmoked strangled disseminated seeds,
the script for tonight– the left over hanger on, there’s always that guy in the group, with a beard, a stink and a grubby tie on, going in, unzipping handbags, hiding places, rifling through your cupboards, just checking that you got no more left here, the phone’s on the floor, the number now lost, he just shattered my screen his temper he’s fucked…he woke me up before I go goed, the bottle of scotch scot left before he left after we left to go our seperate ways, bet we’ll see them again in one or two days, they’ll be back they always creep in, untie the scarf, use the knife ,there’s no room for escape just the one I live in – this needle is fucked it scars with its prick, i’ve known enough pricks to scar me for life, all the stories he’s told are made up, i’m made up, we’re not going anywhere, he’s cute, he’s tall, he fucks like a dog in heat, he screams like a child without a sweet, I give and give again but no relief, the powers off, the gas is gone, there’s no heat. Meltdown in arlington street, meltdown in main street, meltdown in albany street, melt that shit down all over these sheets. i’m a gift, us women we all are, give a black man a bitch to lay his hands/ his dick on, i say vultures you say culture, i mean come on..Posters kids put up get torn down again, eighteen months later and the same shit cycles again, backlogged statistics mounting up again, downgraded intelligence spouts again, revelations reporting intercepting on course again, of course courses make everything right again, read another internet blog back out again, contact with family fucks out again, boys at the rank on form again, smack back to crack not kat again, expected Tech centred ostracised again, only redemption is this prism purse opens again, no significant slack just shut out again, so shoot up again, fuck them all all over again. Fuck myself up even more, the past wins again, engrams ingrained, sarcastic sighs in re train, jane on the phone again, mishandled handling handled again, again no sex straight bi or les

are jelly beans innocuous toxins, I think you’re weird she says

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