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Monthly Archives: February 2015

stuey 6

I left everything to the last two minutes, burden those others – fuck sorting my shit out finished, little bit of rough riding it starts getting tough, pull it back for a second. Police making my mom scared, why is your daughter holding 180 grams of subutex? Why she got a syringe? Where’s the heroin? <duh> Why is your daughter scarred, why is your daughter high, why is your daughter shy to speak she got something to hide? Dude, people get high people get caked we’re floating on a thread, no sir nothing makes sense, I’m not a dealer i’m a care giver sitting on the fence. Shareline Crisis out shopping inopportune cause josie not in the building this afternoon, oh hello is that that claire girl again, ffs I’ll be right there. What you on you you got so much energy my dear says the the bemused face behind the white beard, sucking on an electronic cigarette british dialect staring at my tits. This defective side bob, scolex style blow job, two hundred rand in hand, dialing the numbers to the man, a gram with an owe to the ou at the other end of the phone to the other end of the street to meet, quicker than the old man comes we greet, exchange, kiss on the cheek. The road lights retreat, home, bed, spoon, water, heat, dream 1 dreaming of dream 2 it seems i might have two left feet