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roxies, rufis, bars, addies, zola  tramis, whiskey,  sneeze

hyrdro hydra hydro morpho, opie condone codon wheeze

ambien ambien ½ ambien sleep


3 hours later, normal 60 mgs and tea, tame

Whiskey, water, addies, tramis, dab and concerta feed

Cinnabun, ½ gram smack in the vein, redeemed

Coffee, caffeine, whiskey, sneeze,

Concerta, inserta

½ gram back in the in the vein

Tame, lame, sneeze,

Stil can’t sleep bizarre


Not  at peace, insane membranes

Valve spilling, hospital too far, gram in the spoon

On the floor, thai white not tar, man on a mission

Leaving me to cook in the kitchen

Good house keepin, for a stray

mixin it up to keep up to keep mixin it

Down, fixin it up

No apron, strings attached, Sundays only  a day away

Isn’t it?,morph time,  get it together, its fine, shrug

Tramis, dab, facebook post, social roast, spit, spat

Maybe some more smack

Or a snack

Cinnabun, Chernobyl fun?, caffeine whiskey elvis mug

3 duragestic patches left, fact,  he’ll kill me when he’s back

But he’s away, he left me alone, freezing in this sunny cold

Fuck him, I hear me say, I’m a brave, I’m not afraid, I’m still awake

Dstv’s bad

I’m scatching that wound tonight, I’mma sleep, good? For good, no more fight,  turn off the light

good night?


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