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I’m totally alone now and loving it, yup.

Everyone was right yip

I’m a fuckin waste a time washed up skag hag hang er’up Zane said, insane hatin on all yr douchie shag gang, who?, ja, you ? you needa join to get cred? Nope?  I don’t fuck with no cpt names, bunch of jhb wannabe drug addicts intels in the advertising house of vain…zip?  2 faced coke snorting supreme games Melville hanging lift givin dyed red headed fat fuck tryin with fingers fingerin these genes to get that oh no omo taint, etv leftovers in a craz-e bed, marked like a pilgrim with that pocket of middle aged cool, dude, I’d rather be dead. RIP washed out writers so super clean, bleached as a fool in a 4×4 jacked as a blck cube. No invites yeah, where’s your headliner mpu? Monster parted before you started on that puma’deal didn’t work out, didn’t call it out too cool, clickety clacking lynching across the hall, black n white drama photos no time to hang too much hype praise to Ja’ fall, dread locked died clout crawl.

Sneakered theosophist onna a pining stage, hangin back

Pinprick flint splinterin no blood no pain

Onna corner hangin back, fake gold chains exchanged

Hang er’up said Zane


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