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i hate his penis
and the way he flaunts it in front of me
come sad or shine
its always there
like i’m supposed to care
or just be aware
its always there
it makes me sick, vulgar, suicide
you prick and i cared
but you’re just a dick
without any conscious and you toyed
with it in front of me in front
of the person i cared the most of
behind her
always toying
then later you’d stick it up
my 6 year old little i can’t even describe what that is
and for 30 years you keep doing this
and holding the higher ground
and i just can’t take it anymore
stay with you, find my arms above my head in my bed
find the tv off, wake up disorientated, you make me so sick
your fucking dick
my beautiful mom
you lying disgusting prick
and everything i have done in my life is a lie
i made a film and called it semi autobiographical
but that semi is a hail mary to you but you’ll still go to hell
no matter the bones, brains, good will it do for you
you still ultimately want to fuck me
well fuck you
i’ll fuck myself over before
you ever touch my live body again
badnight i’m going to shoot myself asleep

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