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fin de siecle

fin de siecle

Just walk two paces to the left, you there, got it get it good. Oh well it’s 2am madam, I’m a crazy mother crook, no peace, no sleep, the black horse escaped through the fence again and the dogs are going crazy, as if they were Olympians, damn pack of hounds, pack a pound of brown, sneezing baby stare, upside the head, mourning and dread, I feel a change in there. the kettle’s boiling but the milk is off, the shelves are packing dusty grime, fat pigs stare down, fat feathers fair, fat lip fat face face fat frown. I heard from Mickey and from mike they’re not the same if I’m not there, I nearly escaped back into prison yesterday, so close, so near so unfair to hitting the highway back home, back to the streets, back to the city back to the gritty get back my pretty.

She always knows whats best you know. That sun rising up over the bridge, the chatter on the lip, the lips achatter. Boxed and scarred, mental pilgrimage, I always think about it, that other side, but I can think about it without physically going there to hide// the marquis indeed is dead in me, the watermark has taken hold, the colors true and bold, the flying fellas upon my lash, I kiss him twice then take it back. Tremble little legs all the way down, the valid sequel awaits, 3 sentences ago, I looked up and realized I wasn’t in my skin, I had moved, I was rushing hovering above the chair, and no matter where I looked Faust was there. I’m a blade runner, a grave digger, a tool and a newt, I’m a junkie, a puppet a puritan suit. I thought about love, and I thought about them, I thought about girls and I thought about men, I thought I saw some malice creep back into my mouth but really it was Alice sleeper leper girl and lout. Too many thoughts too early can make you mad but too few thought too far late can also get you stabbed. I decided to paint the animals the jugular the lock, I sent, I saw, I smell, I snore, I set fire to the burning bush